Ayla Partners

—Humility to promote a culture of continuous learning. While confidence is a crucial trait of our consultants, we do not tolerate falsifying or overstating our expertise and experience. We all commit to continuously working on bettering ourselves as leaders and as individuals.

Respect for our clients and high professionalism standards.  We adhere to non-disclosure agreements, we hold to strict client confidentiality standards, we honor our client's dress codes, and we commit to adhering to the safety and quality culture of our clients.

—Ethics in accounting, cost estimating, and in presenting statistically significant results.  While we need to make assumptions, we are transparent with these assumptions, and will always test these with alternative assumptions as necessary to tell the full story.

—Social responsibility. Part of our profits are invested as venture capital for socially and environmentally responsible start-ups and in socially responsible mutual funds.  We also invest our profits in our people to support training & development of our Associates.  Finally, we require all consultants to perform a minimum of 30 hours of pro bono consulting or volunteer work per year. 

—Leverage our experience, talent, and enthusiasm to bring innovative and high impact strategies and solutions to our valued clients.

—Help our clients realize visible results through rigorous analysis, innovation, and change management coaching.

Develop our talent into high performing business leaders and project managers.

Our Mission

Our Commitment as Leaders