Ayla Partners

Kelsey's professional and educational background spans a diverse set of skills​ in a number of industries (automotive, mega infrastructure, mining, public sector) across geographies (Canada, US, LatAm, China, Australia). 

Professional Experience:

  • Ayla Partners Marketer/Website Designer/Builder
  • Ayla Partners CHRO/CIO/COO/CFO/CEO
  • SunEdison Director of Operational Excellence
  • McKinsey & Co. Management Consultant
  • ARCADIS Senior Management Consultant
  • President /PM MidColumbia Engrs Sans Frontiers
  • ​Bechtel Corp Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Bechtel Government Bus Unit Site Supervision
  • ​Bechtel Government Bus Unit Structural Analyst
  • Hoffman Construction Field Engineer

Our Leadership

Kelsey Edwardsen, PE, Founder and CEO

San Francisco, California


  • Bechtel Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training & 2 PIPs / 2000 hrs classroom / lab / work
  • McKinsey & Company - eMBA including 1000 hours of pre/post work & 3 wk classroom
  • MPhil Cambridge University, Engineering for Sustainable Development
  • BS, BA Oregon State University, Civil Engineering, International Studies, Spanish.  Awarded Civil Engineer of the Year, Oregon State University 2007
  • Universidad de Cantabria - 1 year in Engineering courses sophomore year
  • American University in Bulgaria - 6 mo semester courtesy of George Soros