Ayla Partners

—Is your portfolio running into cost overruns and schedule delay issues?

Do you find it challenging to maximize your site and portfolio productivity and supply chain & distribution efficiency?

​Do you spend substantial overhead on contracting, engineering, permitting, procurement, logistics, and development?

​We bring our depth of experience in capital planning, Lean construction, and Lean transformations to reduce costs across the value chain.  We help you address the following:

  • contracting
  • site productivity 
  • equipment utilization
  • material management
  • project and crew sequencing
  • supply chain optimization
  • strategic operations and organizing for global operations
  • engineering / permitting / development process improvement

Contact us to learn more about how you can benefit from Lean. 

 Operations for Renewable Energy

(Soft Cost Reduction)

Achieve Grid Parity

—What if you could increase your profit margins by reducing development, design, and installation costs of your solar projects?  What if you could achieve low-cost global operations and agility as markets shift?

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