Ayla Partners

What if your organization could reduce costs to increase your margins?

What if your teams were engaged and participated in developing your Lean organization?

What if you could benefit from energy, CO2e, or water savings as well as cost savings?

We bring our experience leading Lean transformations on the shop floor, construction sites, and in fixed cost functions.  We will engage your organizations to ensure that organizational and cultural challenges are addressed in the future state solutions in addition to process, system, or technical improvements.

We will also identify and calculate green improvements that also yield cost savings. We have found that this helps your leadership engage with your workforce and stakeholders to increase the positive impact of your Lean transformation. 

In addition to implementation planning, we also provide coaching and training for your identified change agents and middle managers on maintaining momentum throughout implementation and to set up your organization to successfully sustain the technical and cultural transformation.

Contact us to start your journey to a Lean and green organization.

 Lean and Green